Advanced Technologies International
White Light - Hazardous - Inspection Kit

The lighting system is unlike anything else available on the market. Our light source delivers focused white light at a colour temperature of 5700°K providing bright colour corrected light to the most remote and difficult to reach areas of your operation through our locally manufactured solid core fibre optic cable.

White light hazardous inspection kit

Technical Specifications:

AT1000Ex Light Source.

Power Supply    -    110ac-240ac or 12dc
Power consumption    -    1.8 amps
Lamp Wattage    -    50 Watts
Lamp Life    -    4000 Hours
Case Material    -    Aluminium
Light Source Weight    -    < 8 Kgs

Solid Core Fibre Optic.

Solid core fibre optic cable. Available in 10 & 15 mm dia., 10 mtrs in length.

International Standards

The AT1000Ex light source meets International standards IEC 60079.0 and IEC 60079.1and .Australian Standards AS 2380.1 and AS 2380.2

The light source identification is as follows:
Ex d IIB T3(T ambient 50°C) IP65   -    Certificate No.   AUS Ex 01.3742X  
     Explanation of certification codes:
           Ex d   - Flameproof Enclosure
           IIB - Gas type Grouping – Covers IIA (propane) & IIB (ethylene) gases
           T3 - Maximum Surface temperature
           IP65 - International Protection Rating
                      6 - Complete protection against entry of dust.
                      5 - Protection against a low pressure jet of water from all                       practicable directions.

This light source complies with SAA HB13-1992 Selection of equipment for use in Class I (Gases) Zone 1 areas.


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