Advanced Technologies International
Hazardous – (UVA) Black Light
Fibre Optic Lighting System

Light Source

  • International certified for Class 1 Division 1, Group C&D Explosion Proof environments.
  • Ex d IIB T3 IP65
  • 50 Watt lamp delivers UV A light far in excess of the International standard that requires 1000 micro watts of UV light @ 365nm at a distance of 38cm from the inspection surface.

AT1000Ex UVA Light source

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply    -    110ac-240ac or 12dc
Power consumption    -    1.8 amps
Lamp Wattage    -    50 Watts
Lamp Life    -    4000 Hours
Case Material    -    Aluminium
Light Source Weight    -    < 8 Kgs

See white light page for more information. AT1000Ex.

Liquid Light Guide

UVA Liquid light guide

  • Highly efficient in the UV A band with over 90% transmittance.

  • Robust mechanical design.

  • Allows the UV light to be taken to the inspection point.


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